We source prices from over 400 heating oil and kerosene suppliers to help get you the best price. We keep checking those prices throughout the day to help get the most accurate prices and we track the direction of heating oil prices to help you find the best time to buy.

Why use Cheapest Oil?

We are not a broker. We do not take orders for heating oil or kerosene only to take a cut and pass on your order to whoever.

Unlike so many price comparison sites we are not affiliated with any oil supplier (and never have been!).

That means:

You don't pay commission.

We don't have favorites.

Suppliers pay nothing to be listed.

You get to do whatever you want (like phone your usual supplier).

We've being going since 2008.

How is the site funded?

Currently through advertising. Unlike so many other sites, the Cheapest Oil websites are not funded by commission on referrals or by charging oil distributors to be listed.

We focus on pay per click or pay per lead advertising (such as through Google Adwords displayed on this page). This allows us to maximize revenue from increasing visitor numbers.

To find out more above advertising through Google, see Google Adwords.

Why only online quotes?

It's just not feasible to phone up ever supplier numerous times per day and check what their price is.

At times when the price of oil can vary greatly, it would also lead to inconsistent comparisons.

Ultimately it would be a nuisance for everyone - for the oil distributor to take the call, for us to make the call and for you when you phone the supplier only to find the price is out of date.

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