The History of Cheapest Oil

January 2008 - The first commission free heating oil price comparison

Cheapest Oil started in January 2008 comparing the price of home heating oil in Northern Ireland.

The public response has been fantastic and even starting on a limited budget, visitor numbers have rocketed.

Later that year, we provided heating oil prices for the Republic of Ireland.

2010 - Heating oil price comparison for New York

We first started looking at providing quotes for New York in 2010. This was revamped in 2018 to provide quotes across many states especially Connecticut, Maine and Pennsylvania.

The difference with Cheapest Oil is that we are funded from advertising – not commission. Other comparison sites tend to be brokers that will take your money, take a cut for themselves and pass on the order to whoever. With Cheapest Oil you can see who you are dealing with and contact them directly. We are not middle men.

Our visitor numbers continue to go from strength to strength.

Thanks to everyone for spreading the word about Cheapest Oil!