Save more money keeping your home warm

We already help you save money on your heating oil by shopping around but this is our top 10 checklist for your home.

Draft Exclusion
: A draft excluder is a cheap and easy way to stop cold air getting in to your warm home. Many can be either easy to install or require no installation. Make sure that all draughts are blocked from entering your home, particularly around doors and windows. Check the seals around your windows and doors. Sealing strips and brushes are available cheaply on amazon and other suppliers.

Smart heating
: Invest in a smart heating control system to control where and when you heat in your home. Controlling when your heating comes on and more importantly, when it is switched off, can both save you money and increase your comfort levels. With heating bills being higher than ever, a smart thermostat can easily pay for itself.

Furnace Servicing
: Get your furnace serviced and if it is faulty get it replaced. Many of the distributors we list will also offer servicing as an option.

Unoccupied Rooms
: If you have any unoccupied rooms, close off doors to the and turn off any radiators in these rooms.

: Use thermal curtains to stop your windows letting the heat out of your rooms but do remember to open the curtains during the day to let the sun warm up your room.

: If your home has wooden floors, add rugs to make it cosier and warmer.

: Add layers to your bedding, Blankets provide additional warmth (and look pretty too).

: Check if furniture such as sofas are blocking radiators and absorbing all the heat. If so, move your furniture away from radiators to allow warm air to circulate.

: Block unused fireplaces with an insulation balloon. These are cheap and effective and prevent a lot of heat loss from our homes. See these available from amazon

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